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Roadside Assistance - Member Benefits

Roadside assistance and towing
Roadside mechanic repairs, or if required vehicle towing, provided via Roadside Assistance emergency desk and a network of independent emergency response operators.

24/7 and Australia wide
24 hours a day, 7 days a week with nationwide coverage.

Age of Vehicle
Roadside Assistance can only provide cover to vehicles no older than 15 years

City benefits
Towing paid up to 20km.

Country benefits
The emergency response operator will travel up to 50km round-trip from their base to provide wowing of roadside assistance.

Assistance at home location
Roadside Assistance is provided if a breakdown occurs at home. However, if a tow truck is required from the home location, this will be for the members own cost (Roadside Assistance provides a tow to move a vehicle to a "safe location" - to the nearest garage or home. A tow truck is provided at all on-road breakdowns, however a home is deemed a safe location.

Flat batteries
Vehicles with a flat battery will be jump started. A new battery can be brought to the vehicle and fitted if required. Any new battery ordered and provided is a members own cost.

Wheel changes
A spare tyre can be fitted. A roadworthy spare tyre in members vehicle is required. If members vehicle has no roadworthy spare wheel available, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair location.

Emergency fuel
Emergency fuel can be brought to the vehicle. Any fuel provided is for the members own cost. In exceptional cases where the emergency response operator has no remaining spare fuel, vehicle will be towed to a suitable location where it is available.

Lock outs
In the event of being locked out, basic help is provided to attempt to gain access to your vehicle. Due to contractors limitations, this service may not be available in all cases. If a specialist locksmith is required this will be at members own cost. In the event the member requests the vehicle be broken into to recover keys locked inside the vehicle, no responsibility or liability is taken by Roadside Assistance or its contractors for any damage to that vehicle that may occur as a result.

Passenger support
If possible, member (and passengers) may travel in the cabin of the response vehicle. If this is not possible, alternative transport will be arranged at the members cost.

Recommended Repairers
Help is provided finding the nearest motor vehicle repairer, if more than 100km from home.


Membership per vehicle
Membership applies to the one vehicle, which must be currently registered and described in the application. Membership may be registered under the name of an individual, company or an organisation.

Payment of additional fees delivery
Any charges for batteries, excess towing, emergency fuel, locksmiths, holding yards, toll costs or emergency join-up fees or other fees must be paid by the member to the service provider at the time of service.

Membership effective date
Member services/ benefits will become effective on the day after two full working days after sign up. Membership must be paid for and current to obtain any services or benefits.

Transfer or membership to a New Vehicle
Membership is transferable to a new vehicle. In order to organise the transfer members must contact Roadside Assistance, during business hours (via web or phone), within 14 days of vehicle changeover occurring. Transfer will become effective 24 hours after notification is received by Roadside Assistance. Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

Emergency Join up Fee and Non-Refund Policy
Emergency join-up fee of $90 applies if a customer requires service within 14 business days of joining. This applies to:
a) non members calling Roadside Assistance emergency number and requiring immediate roadside assistance
b)Lapsed Roadside Assistance members requiring immediate roadside assistance
c)Service can be provided as a PAY AS YOU GO if required
Cancellation and Termination of membership
When you join Roadside Assistance, you stay a member until you cancel - Just like you telephone subscription. This stops the hassle of yearly renewals, or the risk of forgetting. It also saves in printing, mailing and administration costs - which mean lower membership costs. Roadside Assistance bills your credit card yearly in advance. After the initial 12 month sign up period, you can cancel at any time via and we will refund any unused membership months immediately.

Roadside Assistance reserves the right to terminate any membership for any reason, at which time Roadside Assistance will refund any remaining months of membership not utilised to the terminated member.

Roadside or tow services will not provided to a member who in Roadside Assistance's view is abusive, threatening or violent to any staff member or contractor, or who attempts to receive service by deception.

Change of Vehicle registration number
Any changes to the vehicle registration number or change of address must be reported to Roadside Assistance by members, within 7 days of the change occurring. Any changes of the vehicle are only effective 24 hours after notification to Roadside Assistance.
Location of Vehicle - Member Attendance
When requesting Roadside Assistance members must provide the correct vehicle details and the exact location of the vehicle. All services will be at member's expense if Roadside Assistance ar not:
a) able to confirm membership at time of service, or
b) able to locate vehicle based on the information given, or
c) able to locate the member or driver at the vehicle location

Service Road Restriction
Roadside Assistance is available on any sealed or designated road that the service provider deems to be safe. Attendance may be possible where a breakdown occurs on a serviced road however this is at the discretion of the service provider and cannot be guaranteed.

Remote Areas not Covered by contractors
There may be rare instanced where a service provider is not available to assist members (remote areas). Where service is unavailable Roadside Assistance will assist in locating alternative assistance and/or relaying emergency messages. In these instances members will be required to arrange own recovery at own expense direct with service provider.

Vehicle Weight, Height Limits
Roadside Assistance is only provided where the weight of the vehicle is less than 3.5 tonnes gross and the length of the vehicle is less than 5.5 metres.

Expense prior to membership start
Roadside Assistance will not authorise or pay for any service performed carried out prior to the commencement date of membership.

Roadside Assistance restricted to unexpected mechanical breakdowns
Roadside Assistance is provided in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown. It does not cover accident recovery or vehicle maintenance or permanent repairs.

Temporary repairs may be made at the request of the member to mobilise the vehicle (where able). However, regular maintenance or mechanical repairs, major or otherwise, is the member's responsibility and will be at the member's expense.

One call out per breakdown
Once a call-out has been provided for a breakdown, any subsequent call-outs arising from the same breakdown will be provided at the member's expense payable at the time of the call-out. This includes towing for a vehicle that has been towed to the member's home (or a holding yard or other place of safety) and subsequently requires further towing for the same breakdown.

General Restrictions - Breakdowns & Towing services
Roadside Assistance is an emergency roadside service only. Therefore roadside assistance services and/or towing benefits do not apply for:

  • A vehicle that we deem un-roadworthy, or that is unregistered;
  • A vehicle at a motor vehicle repairer
  • A Vehicle That is partly or fully dismantled, or on which repairs have been attempted by anyone (including a licensed motor vehicle mechanic), or has a pore-existing failure or breakdown;
  • A vehicle where the tow has not been arranged by us;
  • A vehicle that has been involved in or suffered damage as a consequence of an accident, flood, theft, fire or malicious damage.
  • A vehicle that has been modified in ways that in our view increase the possibility of it sustaining damage during towing, or in ways that make damage free towing difficult, unless such modifications are removed prior to towing. This includes modified or factory released accessories;
  • A vehicle which has been driven or transported to any licensed motor vehicle repairer
  • Any parts, labour or other costs related with the repair of the vehicle;
  • Any financial loss or liability, however sustained, occurring from or in any way connected with a breakdown or accident;
  • Any freight costs (including sea crossing);
  • Transportation of a damaged vehicle;
  • Any costs related to making arrangements for pets or animals;
  • A vehicle that has been driven against our instruction or the instruction or a licensed motor vehicle repairer;
  • A vehicle that has been transported to a holding or shipment facility;
  • A vehicle that has been used in a rally or motor race;
  • Salvage costs, including additional charges for removing vehicles from covered garages or other locations;
  • A vehicle used as a courier vehicle, taxi or any vehicle used for commercial transport;
  • A vehicle must be no older than 15 years to be covered (for members joining from 2 April 2012);
  • Roadside assistance is provided if a breakdown occurs at home. However, if a tow truck is required from a home location, this will be at the member's own cost (Roadside Assistance provides a tow to move a vehicle to a "safe location" - to the nearest garage or home. A tow truck is provided at all on-road breakdowns, however home is deemed as a safe location).

  • Fair Use Policy

    Roadside Assistance aims to provide the most economic service to the largest group of members. We have purposefully set pricing based on the assumption that the member vehicles are regularity maintained as per general manufacturer recommendation. To that end, Roadside Assistance reserves the right to limit or refuse entitlements where ion the opinion of Roadside Assistance, the member's use of the service is excessive or unreasonable. As part of the case management approach to addressing high individual incidents of breakdown, Roadside Assistance reserves the giht to request evidence of regular vehicle maintenance and servicing.

    Change or terms, Conditions and Prices
    Roadside Assistance reserves the right to amend prices and inclusions or policies without prior notice.

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